This class is open to al levels, from run/walkers up to advanced runners. This 45 minute or 60 minute long class is more about endurance rather than shorter, faster sprints. This class works similar to a tempo run. 


This class is for all levels, from run/walkers all the way up to advanced runners. Trainers will introduce sprints, hills, and short intervals to maximize your calorie burn, build turnover, and make you a stronger, faster runner.! Measure your improvement by challenging yourself to higher speeds each week.

-Power Stryde-

This 50 minute class burns calories on and off the treadmill. Be prepared for a combo of both running and strength exercises to whip you into shape! This is similar to a boot camp class, we incorporate all body weight exercises a long with sprints and hills. This class is the real deal!

-Half Marathon Package-

Training for a half? Whether this is your first half marathon, or your 50th, we can help you get to the finish line in the time you want. Meet for a class once a week for 12 weeks. Through personalized training plans from our certified instructors, you will be held accountable. Plus, we'll throw in a free MyStryde shirt! We are here to help! 13.1 here we come! 

-Marathon Package-

We are your marathon headquarters. This package includes one class per week for 14 weeks. The last thing you want to do is go into a marathon under trained, but you also don’t want to be over trained! Our experienced and certified instructors will provide you with what you need to reach your goal. Classes include a personalized training plan. See you at the starting line!

**OUTDOOR CLASSES** Summer Schedule Only


*Please note, there are no refunds on class packages. We can extend class expiration dates for injuries and medical reasons on a case by case basis. For questions on this policy please email info@mystryde.com.