1) Donating Old Sneaks!

We are accepting your old running kicks!  Why not bring in those old sneaks you never wear and put them to good use?  Once our “kick wall” is filled, we donate all those old kicks to Soles4Souls in order to give back to our country and hopefully build more happy, healthy athletes!


2) Promoting Runners for a Cause!


The running community donates millions every year to a variety of charities worldwide. Mystryde is hoping to help increase that number.

             a) We are excited to be able to offer our studio to anyone raising money for a race to help their fundraising efforts, to offer a charity class of your choice. We would love to help your cause. For more info please contact MyStryde at info@mystryde.com. 

            b) We have partnered with Charity Teams, which helps non profit's grow through athletic fundraising opportunities. If you're looking to run a marathon, half marathon, or get involved with a charity through athletics, please email info@mystryde.com and we will get you in touch with the right people.