"LOVE these guys. Even just going once per week has helped me shave three minutes off my half marathon PR! These classes have given me so much confidence and strength,"

"Better than Soul Cycle?! It's hard to say because it's totally different in a great way! Same energy level and positive vibes. It's definitely going to become a staple in my weekly schedule!"


"They do an awesome job at catering to all levels and motivating you to push yourself. I"m a total beginner and I can't remember the last time I ran that far!" 


"One of the best studios in Boston!"


"A great workout and welcoming environment for a newcomer!" 


"MyStryde is definitely going to be a staple in my workout routine! I've never been to a class like this. Super challenging, but also an amazing community feel. Highly recommend!"


"Having completed my 4th Boston yesterday I can certainly attribute my last bits of strength and stamina to the classes I've been taking over the past few months at Mystryde.  I felt very good through the race and when I didn't those last 3 miles, it was those Power Stryde and Endurance classes that kicked in (in addition to feeding off of the spectators)! I was able to leave it on the course and achieve a PR. I am a huge fan of the studio. Thank you MyStryde!"


"Such an amazing class and studio. As someone who likes to run this class has pushed me to run further and faster and enjoy every step! Highly recommend." 


"My new favorite hangout. The instructors and the music are great!"


"Favorite class in Boston. Great instructors and the owner and really gets to know and help people in the class!"


"This place is amazing and very welcoming. Relaxed, hard-working vibe."


"As a runner who despises hills and sprints, this class has challenged me (in ways that I never would on my own) and hugely impacted my running! Running aside, they build such a great sense of community and are welcoming to all levels of runners. MyStryde classes are the highlight of my week!"


"Highlight of my day. I always look forward to these workouts! They're incredible!"


"Love this place, and their workouts! Great addition to Boston!"