Running has the ability to change you. It changes your body, your mind, and your soul. Running builds character, increases confidence, breeds healthy competition, and last but not least increases our endorphins making us happier more cheerful individuals. The running community brings more people out for charitable races that donate millions of dollars yearly to great causes throughout the United States and world wide. Running is a way to bring us all together, to feel good about ourselves, and make little differences in this world. MyStryde is here to motivate you to join this amazing group of people, and find your inner strength to push yourself to be all you can be in every way. Find YOUR stryde with us.

Why you ask? Well My name is Becca, and I was training for a half marathon five winters ago, and dreading my treadmill workout all day. Instead of doing my interval workout on the treadmill, I opted for a cycling class at the gym due to lack of motivation. After the class ended, it dawned on me…why the heck was I on a bike? I was supposed to be running. How do I get motivated? Wouldn’t it be great if they offered a cycling class, but for running? I got home and jumped on my computer to do some research, but found nothing. There was no equivalent of spinning for runners. So what did I do next? I decided to create an experience for runners. I started MYSTRYDE. Welcome.

MYSTRYDE is here to make your run more fun. Not only is it more fun, its motivating, its exciting, and its the best workout around. With intervals, endurance, and hills, our classes are the best way to shed pounds and build speed. Now we can all do it together at our own individual pace. MYSTRYDE allows all runners, to run together without having to worry if they will keep up with the group, or if the group will keep up with them. Its your workout. Its all about you. Our studio has fourteen treadmills, which allows you to get constant feedback from our certified instructors. With a smaller class it gives our clients the opportunity to get to know the instructors, ask questions, and feel like you are a part of our MYSTRYDE family. 

Whether you are an advanced runner, or jumping into it for the first time, want to help everyone to cross the finish line, no matter if that finish line is your first 5K,  your first marathon or shedding those first five pounds. We are the most fun workout studio out there, and we have the best equipment. The studio is equipped with WOODWAY treadmills. These treadmills are much easier on your joints and much quieter than the options offered at other gyms. Not to mention they're eco friendly and help us keep the world cleaner for all those runners out there.  

Running is my passion, it keeps me physically and mentally strong and I can’t live without it. I’m here to share the runners high with you, and create a revolution that brings runners together to build an energy and motivation that is guaranteed to get you energized and excited. Stryde On!